Baby registry ideas for a second baby

second baby registryDid you have a baby registry for your second pregnancy? Since I’m not having another baby shower, I wasn’t planning on creating one. Plus, we received so many lovely gifts after Levi was born that it seemed presumptuous and even a little bit greedy to have another “want” list.

However, as I started nesting like a hormonal pregnant woman earlier this month, I realized we were missing a couple of big ticket baby items. Things that we either borrowed (a breast pump) or didn’t need (a second camera for the baby monitor) the first time around.

Then family members and close family friends began asking how they could contribute towards preparing for the baby, and I didn’t know what to tell them. After all, baby boy will be getting quite a few hand-me-downs from Levi!

That’s when I decided a second baby registry might actually be a helpful organizational tool.

When I was pregnant with Levi, we registered at Babies R Us, Amazon, and Target. This time I’m using BabyList, a baby registry website and mobile app, to keep track of the important items we still need — and the few wish list items that would simply be nice to have.

babylist baby registrybabylist baby registry mobile appThe benefit of using BabyList is that I can easily add anything from any store (including Etsy) to my registry, whether I’m at my computer or on my phone.

In no particular order, here’s what’s on my list so far. But I’d love to know if you have any additional baby registry ideas for a second baby. As I’m now 36-weeks pregnant, my mind is starting to get a little bit fuzzy!

  • portable changing pad (that’s machine washable!) for JB’s diaper bag
  • A RumbleSeat to convert our UppaBaby VISTA stroller into a double stroller
  • car seat cover to keep baby warm en route (something we didn’t have to worry about with Levi because he was born in July)
  • The three major items I borrowed from a friend last time: a breast pumpbaby swing, and baby carrier
  • An additional camera so we can watch both boys on our Motorola baby monitor
  • layette gown, which Levi never wore, because I imagine they’d make diaper changes (especially at night) much easier
  • A lightweight cradle that we can keep in our bedroom at night and move around the house during the day
  • Additional burp cloths because you can never have too many (and we’ve undoubtably lost several since Levi was a baby)
  • A custom baby book to note all of the small details I may not write about on the blog
  • Milestone cards to include in photos as an adorable prop
  • A pair of Freshly Picked moccasins because they’re just too darn cute (and I don’t want baby’s feet to get cold!)

PS – High tech baby monitors to consider

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Let’s Discuss

  1. Erica

    One note on the breast pump: my health insurance completely covered the cost, although I had to purchase it through a breastfeeding center, and I didn’t have a choice about the type. It was a very easy process and the pump was a high-quality one. The Affordable Care Act requires most health insurance plans to provide some kinds of coverage related to breastfeeding support and tools, including the pump. Depending on your plan, they may cover the cost of a rental or give you your own for free, like mine. I would highly suggest you call them before investing in one yourself, or requesting one as a gift.

    As a side note, we received the Ergo carrier as a gift, and a Bjorn as a hand-me-down, and baby girl has never really tolerated either of them!

    • PJ

      Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully our insurance plan is one that provides some sort of coverage — breast pumps are so expensive!

      We borrowed a BabyBjorn from a friend, but I didn’t use it much when Levi was a newborn. It came in handy when we traveled starting around 3 months, but it never truly felt comfortable to wear. If we go with a carrier, I’d like to try the Ergo this time. You know, for the ergonomics of it 😉

  2. Sarah Turner

    My insurance paid for my pump and I had a choice of a few different pumps when I called. I love my Baby Bjorn. That’s how I was able to clean the house or do things when all Olivia wanted to do was be held. I also have a car seat cover and it is wonderful. We don’t have to mess with coats or transferring her in and out of her seat to put anything on her. Hopefully this helps!

    • PJ

      Did you have a newborn or infant insert to use with the BabyBjorn? We borrowed a Bjorn when Levi was a baby, but it always ended up hurting my back and shoulders. However, I’ll definitely need something so that my hands are free to work and help out with Levi!

      The car seat cover is a must — especially with this crazy Midwestern winter we’re having! What brand do you have?

      • Sarah Turner

        I did not have an insert for the Bjorn. I put her in after she weighed about 7-8 pounds which is the starting weight. I had her facing me at first when she was really little, but now she likes to look out. Most times I don’t put her arms through the holes, I just fold that piece down because she doesn’t like to be restricted :).

        As for the car seat cover, it’s JJ Cole from Target. I am borrowing a friends, but registered for a similar one at Target!

  3. Yvonne @ Dress This Nest

    Thanks for recommending BabyList! I’m pregnant with #2 and registered at places similar to yours the first time around and felt very boxed in to what I could register for. Plus, I really loathe going to Baby’s R’Us. I wasn’t planning on registering the 2nd time around, but my new neighbors are throwing me a shower because we didn’t live here when we had #1. So…it’s time to get registering!


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