Why I’ve been spending less time blogging

My favorite summer straw hat! Talking about blogging and journalism on A Girl Named PJ.

I just glanced at my archives and realized that I've only written 18 posts in 2016. Eighteen! A-list bloggers (and many mid-tier bloggers, too) will publish 18 posts in that amount of days. And if they hustle, some can even get 18 posts up on their site in a week. Normally, I'd be ashamed of my lack of productivity, but there's a good reason why I've been neglecting the blog … READ MORE!

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Yes way rosé: 6 American wines you must try this summer

Yes Way Rosé: Summer dining inspiration and rose wine recommendations on A Girl Named PJ

For many of us, our first foray into rosé was sneaking sips of mom's White Zinfandel. When we got to college, ordering blush wine felt immature, so we switched to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. Eventually -- reluctantly, perhaps? -- we moved on to red wines, choosing easy-to-drink varieties like Pinot Noir. Years later … READ MORE!

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Goodbye, ice cream. I’m (sort of) going Paleo this month.

Why I'm giving up ice cream and going Paleo this month. | A Girl Named PJ

At the end of April, my dad mentioned that he was going Paleo again. Although he's never been heavy, he slimmed down quite a bit a year or two ago by eating like a caveman -- lots of protein, fewer carbs -- and wanted to get back to his ideal weight before our upcoming family vacation to Hilton Head Island later this month. We happened to be talking about pizza at the time -- specifically, how … READ MORE!

Making time to ‘Wonder’ at The Renwick Gallery

Jennifer Angus Wonder exhibit of dead bugs at The Renwick Gallery on A Girl Named PJ

A few months ago, around the time of my blogging hiatus, I chatting with a new acquaintance about how I'd been feeling uninspired and burned out lately. She happens to be a therapist, so I thought she might have some words of wisdom for me … READ MORE!