The best tasting K-cup coffee (when you’re too lazy to use a French press)

The best tasting K-cup coffee | A Girl Named PJ

It may not come as a surprise that I drink a lot of coffee. Asa has only started sleeping through the night (well, 8pm to 5am) this past week, and Levi has enough stamina to power a colony of Energizer bunnies. So I'm relieved to learn that drinking three to five cups of coffee each day is now only considered a moderate level of consumption, according to a new report. The Dietary Guidelines … READ MORE!

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Can tidying up really change your life?

Can tidying up change your life?

By now you must've heard about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Just this weekend, I saw the best-selling book about the art of decluttering and organization mentioned no less than five times on social media, including Instagram photos from Allie and Jules. Incredibly, most people are commenting that they're finding the book to be … READ MORE!

Weekend reading: link roundup

Oscar dresses worn by best actress winners infographic

The Academy Awards are Sunday night! Will you be tuning in? One of my favorite things to do while watching the Oscars (and award shows, in general) is live-texting with a friend. She has the best one-liners on everything from the dresses to the speeches. Maybe I'll share some my favorite commentary next week. Looking for some weekend reading? … READ MORE!

Follow Friday: Instagram moms with an eye for photography

Follow Friday: Instagram moms with an eye for photography | A Girl Named PJ

One of the reasons I love Instagram is because it motivates me to take better photos of Levi and Asa. Even if I'm just capturing a moment between my three-year-old son and my almost-100-year-old grandma on my iPhone, I'm paying attention to the lighting and how I'm framing my shot. My inspiration mostly comes from the feeds of select Instagram moms who have a knack for taking beautiful … READ MORE!

The shopping trend all my friends are talking about

Stitch Fix review

"This is so addictive. I have a problem." That's how my friend captioned a recent Instagram photo of her latest Stitch Fix package. Are you familiar with the online personal styling service? Here's how it works (according to the website): Stitch Fix's personal stylists handpick apparel and accessories for you based on your Stitch Fix Style Profile. They send five items at a time with styling … READ MORE!

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