The Dolly Half-Dozen

The Dolly Half-Dozen #linksilove on

The Dolly Half-Dozen offers six tasty treats to nourish, inform, and entertain. On today’s menu…

1. What kind of summer coffee drinker are you? (Plus, how to make cold-brewed coffee at home.)

2. Geek vs Nerd: Do you know the difference? (And is your husband either of the two?)

3. Sofia Coppola’s films always have amazing soundtracks. Here are the 11 best songs she’s used.

4. Oh, Stacey, you are not alone! In fact, I’m not only selfish but often terribly jealous, too.

5. Can white jeans actually make you look…skinny?

6. Wondering if I can trick Levi into consuming a green vegetable by making this kale and mixed berry smoothie. (P.S. — Do you have any good kale smoothie recipes?)

Have a happy weekend!

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