Tea goes to China

tea collection eastern popWhen you think of China, what comes to mind? The bustling streets of Beijing? Red lanterns? Kung fu? Pandas?

I recently got a sneak peak at Tea’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which was inspired by the sights and sounds of China. (Yes, the design team actually flew east to explore and discover the magic of China!)

Now that the collection is available to purchase online, I’m excited to be able to share some of my favorite pieces for boys, girls, and babies with you.

tea collection fall/winter 2013 chinaEastern Pop is Tea Collection’s vibrant take on Chinese street style and pop culture. Over the next couple of months, looks for new arrivals that celebrate China’s blue and white porcelain and the art districts in Beijing and Shanghai. Classic Chinese floral patterns combined with Art Deco-inspired geometric prints and metallic-printed embellishments will also make an appearance this fall and winter.

Oh, and pandas. You can’t forget about pandas!

tea collection 2013 chinaI love Tea for a couple of reasons. First, their children’s clothing is extremely well made and of a higher quality than the pieces from big box stores that supplement Levi’s wardrobe. Second, you can pretty much mix and match all pieces from a collection, which makes life so much easier.

Finally, the graphics on their little boys’ shirts are modern and charming without being cutesy or garish. After all, Levi can’t exclusively wear solids and stripes — can he? Now, that infant, on the other hand…

Click here to check out Tea Collection’s newest arrivals for girls and boys.

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