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What would you buy if somebody handed you an envelope full of cash and gave you only a few hours to spend it? I’ve been pondering that question ever since Jordan Ferney posted this photo on Instagram. She gave her Oh Happy Day team envelopes of cash at their holiday party and told them to go on a shopping spree. The catch: They had to spend the money on themselves by 4:00 that afternoon!

Though my husband may disagree, I’m pretty bad at buying things for myself — mostly because I can’t help but feel guilty afterwards about spending money. And I almost always have buyer’s remorse after making an impulse purchase. (Case in point.) But if I absolutely had to spend $100 or $200 in a short amount of time, I’d probably head straight to Sephora for luxury beauty products I wouldn’t normally buy like this brush, this mascara, this nail polish, and this face serum.

So what would you buy if you had to spend money on yourself?

Here are a few links for you to check out this weekend:

If you’re still looking to spend money on other people this holiday season, I put together a few gift guides you might like to see: tech gifts, gifts for her, and toddler gifts.

The most popular holiday toys from the past 50 years.

Wrapping gifts? Here’s how to tie the perfect bow.

The cutest little (magnetic!) Instagram photobooks ever.

Would you cleanse your skin with oil?

If I had a Christmas tree, I would make these DIY donut ornaments.

Why Home Alone could never happen today.

Did your favorite movie make the list?

Thoughts on unplugging for the holidays.

And a question for the moms out there: What do you give your children’s teachers for the holidays? I need ideas for the 4 teachers and assistants in Levi’s Montessori classroom. Thanks in advance!

(photo by  Oliver Schwarzwald via Love.Luck.Kisses & Cake)

Let’s Discuss

  1. L

    Coming from the other side of the gift exchange–my sister-in-law is a preschool teacher, and I think she particularly appreciates gifts like a Starbucks gift card. The nice thing about coffee shops, etc., is that a relatively small amount on a gift card can still buy a nice, luxurious splurge.

  2. Lola

    Ooh, I guess I did well then! We gave Starbucks gift cards to all the teachers and assistants this year and last. The one for the main teacher was a little higher in value.

  3. Moira @ Hearth and Homefront

    We’ve done different things in the different places we’ve lived…I usually do a gift card to either a bookstore, Target or a coffee shop. This year I did a gift card to the local coffee shop and a small sampler pack of the homemade fudge the shop also makes. Fingers crossed they like it!

  4. Laura

    I second the Starbucks gift card idea! (And I’m a teacher.) Small gift cards to coffee shops (chains or independent ones) are always appreciated.
    Other ideas: I love it when parents or students write thoughtful notes. I really like getting stationary, but some folks don’t. But just say no to any “World’s Greatest Teacher” stuff! That’s the worst, unless it’s homemade/handmade.

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