planning levi’s first birthday party

Levi’s first birthday party will be held on July 22nd, two months from yesterday–so save the date and pass me some Xanax, please.

In addition to freaking out about my baby becoming a toddler, I’m starting to panic about the bash itself. Being active in the world of blogging, I come across a lot of at-home gatherings worthy of a Martha Stewart magazine spread. I’m equally inspired and intimidated by the over-saturation of creatively-themed birthday parties that I see online. From balloons, bunting and photo booths with props to Amy Atlas-inspired dessert tables, parents seem to be going all out for first birthday parties. The key is that these birthday bashes, however, is that they must appear low-key despite being packed with carefully thought out details.

1960s manhattan theme first birthday party

Of course, there are plenty of children’s parties showcased on various blogs that don’t even pretend to be small affairs. I mean, is this 1960s Manhattan themed party not the most over-the-top kid’s party you ever seen? Even this cardboard box first birthday party is elaborately designed and decorated.

So I’m dealing with some ambivalence: On one hand, I find these picture-perfect parties to be excessive. Really, will a one year old remember that all of his buddies dressed up like circus animals or drank from mustache-embellished straws? Of course not. Most of these details are for the parents of the invited children to enjoy. On the other hand, I want to prove to myself (and my family and friends, I suppose) that I am capable of planning and hosting such an awe-inspiring bash. I want to look back at photos of Levi’s big day and think, “Wow, now that was quite a party!”

rainbow pom pom birthday party decorations

Deep down I know that it’s not the decorations or the food or the goodie bags that make a party a success. It’s being surrounded by the important people in your life that makes an event special. But, admittedly, I can be a little bit superficial (can’t we all?), and the perfectionist in me still wants it to be a magazine-worthy birthday bash.

Tell me, how big a bash was your little one’s first birthday party? Did you feel pressure to plan it a certain way?

{image sources: Hello! Lucky, On To Baby, Bower Power Blog}

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  1. Ashley

    Hudson’s first birthday party is going to be same weekend! Still deciding Saturday vs Sunday. I’m nervous it’s going to rain and I want to have it at a park–but we won’t have a rain backup. Nobody can fit into our apartment!

    • PJ

      We chose Sunday for two reasons – 1) JB might be on a business trip that gets him home on Friday, and I thought having the party the day after would be too hectic. 2) Some of our friends celebrate Shabbat and would be unable to attend on Saturday.

      I’m also nervous about the rain. We plan to have the party in our backyard (which is probably larger than our house), but there is really no great way to entertain and play games inside if the weather is bad. At the moment, my best coping strategy is to avoid thinking about it!

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