Weekend reading: link roundup

weekend reading | A Girl Named PJ

I don't need The National Sleep Foundation to tell me I'm not getting enough sleep. I know I'm sleep deprived by how hard it is to wake up in the morning and by how tired I am throughout the day. Sometimes I'll try to sneak in a power nap, and I'm always drinking coffee. The amount of coffee I consume compared to water is embarrassingly unhealthy. Sadly, I'm not even convinced the caffeine … READ MORE!

Artisanal chocolate bars

Compartes Chocolatier artisanal chocolate bars

A few years ago, Jordan was sent on a last-minute work trip overseas and missed Valentine's Day. Thankfully, he was only away for a couple of days, one of which he spent in London. Although we don't usually exchange Valentine's Day gifts, he brought me home a giant chocolate slab from Hotel Chocolat as a romantic gesture. Yes, one of the ways to my heart is through my sweet tooth. If I remember … READ MORE!

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How to make introductions (a networking lesson from Bridget Jones)

how to make introductions at networking events like alt summit | A Girl Named PJ

If you follow along on Instagram, you probably figured out that I recently attended Alt Summit. I can’t believe I neglected to mention on the blog that I was going! This was my fourth Alt Summit conference, my third time in Salt Lake City, and my second time as a speaker. Besides hosting a roundtable on rebranding your blog, I went to Alt to learn more tips and tricks about blogging and to make … READ MORE!

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7 last-minute Super Bowl party ideas

last minute super bowl party ideas | A Girl Named PJ

Am I the only one who can't believe it's almost February? Weren't we all just sharing our New Year's resolutions and words for 2015? Valentine's Day is around the corner, then Asa's 1st birthday (eep!) at the end of the month, then my 35th (omg!) birthday in March. Cue the panic attack. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, we have to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday! Will you be … READ MORE!