levi’s monthly baby photo (two months old)

monthly baby photo - two months old

monthly baby photo - two months old

monthly baby photo - two months oldDear Levi,

You are two months old! It has been incredible to witness your transformation from a newborn into a baby. Some of the changes seemed to happen overnight, and once or twice, Daddy and I each thought that you looked bigger in the evening than you did in the morning!

You started wearing size 0-3 clothing early in the month and soon after jumped up to size 1 diapers. Now that you are 9 weeks old, we think it may be time to move to size 2 because you’ve been having diaper blowouts after waking up these past couple of days. So gross! You’ve been exercising other bodily functions this month, too. You introduced into your repertoire projectile-style spitting up, and when you cry, you sometimes have tears in your eyes, which is so sad!

But you’ve also started doing some really, really cute things. I’m pretty sure I got my first real smile from you when you were one month and one day old, and now you smile and coo in response to so many things! You love when we sing to you while moving your arms and legs like you are dancing. You find the lights on your play mat fascinating and seem to enjoy it when we watch your Classical Baby DVD together.

You’re also becoming a real ham for the camera and seem to be aware of when we’re taking your picture! We took lots of photos this month because we did so many things, including taking you on your first road trip to the Iowa State Fair and on your first plane ride to the East Coast. You probably won’t remember your sightseeing adventure in Philadelphia, but we have pictures of you next to the Liberty Bell to prove it!

And I’m very happy that you are beginning to sleep in longer chunks through the night. (Your daddy, on the other hand, can sleep straight through the night even when you’re making noise in the bassinet next to our bed.) You have just started to go about 6 hours between feedings in the middle of the night, but that is usually followed by only a 2.5 hour chunk. We need to work on that because Mommy is not a morning person!

In the meantime, keep on growing, learning and smiling. I love you!



I’ll be photographing Levi on the 12th of every month to document his growth this first year. He’ll be wearing a numbered white onesie corresponding to his age in months, sitting in a chair next to his blabla doll for continuity.

Of course, indecisive me can’t decide which of these three should be his “official” two-month-old portrait. He looks slightly different (older?) in each one! I think the top shot most closely resembles last month’s photo, but I like how you can more clearly see the “2” in the middle photo. Then there’s the bottom picture with his teensy grin that just melts my heart.

So I look to you again for guidance. Which photo is this month’s keeper?

Let’s Discuss

  1. Lindsey

    I vote for the grin and the foot and the chubby thigh in the third photo. You can tell there’s a 2 on his shirt just by his size, and I don’t think the clarity of the number is even remotely as important as the pose. In the third picture all that is missing is the beer and the remote 🙂

  2. Alex

    i vote for them all, he is so so SO Handsome!

    It’s so neat to see how much hes grown in just a month.

    Love the shirt, the toy, the chair (ps – where did you get that chair) and of course Levi

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