in the tub with levi + friday favorites

baby in blow up duck tub

I guess this has been unofficial “bath week” on Bunny & Dolly! Levi’s been a riot in the tub lately. On Tuesday he couldn’t decide if he was scared of or in love with his rubber ducky (see video here). Last night he discovered his inflatable duck tub is the perfect size and shape for lounging on his side and getting in some tummy time. He was rolling around all over the place and sticking all of his bath toys in his mouth, even the bird-shaped cup I use to rinse the shampoo out of his hair.

This weekend we’re supposed to reach a record high of 89 degrees! Maybe I’ll bring the duck tub outside and let Levi use it as a pool though I suppose I could just buy him a legit baby pool (if Babies R Us even has them in stock yet).

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Have a great weekend, friends!

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