friday favorites

My musings on being a military wife was so long that I decided to share this week’s links in a separate post!


Here are some of my favorite posts from around the web:

My sister’s favorite childhood toy recently got a makeover.

Will Levi grow up to be an introvert like me?

I could use a lesson in organization from Danni — I am obsessed with her tape notebooks!

A lovely twisted ponytail. (via Sacramento Street)

Do you remember Maurice Sendak’s Really Rosie?

Lessons about motherhood and business.

How to miss a childhood (hint, it has to do with your iPhone).


I also write for Lifetime Moms:

Surviving Military Life: Sometimes You Have to Lean on Your Friends

Why I’m Annoyed Jessica Simpson Gave Her Daughter a Boy’s Name


Have a wonderful weekend, friend! And happy Mother’s Day!

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