And baby makes 4!

ultrasound maternity photo @bunnyanddolly
First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes baby in a baby carriage.

And sometimes, two and half years later, comes another baby in a baby carriage!

That’s right, I’m pregnant — again! Levi is going to be a big brother, and JB and I can’t wait to fall in love with another baby when we meet him or her in late Feburary.

But we’re also terribly nervous about having to care for a newborn again. Middle of the night feedings seem so far behind us that I don’t even remember now how we survived on such little sleep! (That’s the point, isn’t it? We’re designed to forgot how sick and tired and scared we were so that we’re willing to do it all again: pregnancy, child birth, and the newborn months.)

most amazing brother ever tshirt @bunnyanddolly
My intense first trimester hormones were part of the reason why I had such a miserable July and why I’ve been blogging so sporadically this summer. Feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally drained made it so much harder for me to deal with every day work and life stresses. Some days I just shut down completely! Luckily, my family was able to fly to Omaha to help out with Levi and the day-to-day running of things when I was at my worst.

For some women, pregnancy is their happy place. Oh, how I wish that were true for me!

Tomorrow I’ll be 16 weeks pregnant. I don’t have a roundish basketball bump yet, but I’m definitely thicker around the middle. And a bit mushy. I knew I’d look pregnant sooner the second time around, but not being able to fit into my pants as early as 10-12 weeks was slightly devastating nonetheless. I’m pretty sure I could still button my jeans that stage when I was pregnant with Levi!

I’ve already broken into my stash of larger-sized bottoms from my previous postpartum days. Although the scale has barely budged, I’m literally in pants two to three sizes larger than I normally wear. The doctor said this is to be expected, of course; my muscles are stretched out from my first pregnancy. Plus, I’m extremely bloated. I suppose I could start wearing maternity pants now (ooh, comfy elastic waistbands!), but that would feel like giving in too quickly.

While I have no plans to turn Bunny & Dolly into a full-fledged baby blog, I’ll continue to keep you updated throughout my pregnancy. You can expect posts about maternity style, things for baby, and my quickly-growing bump in the months ahead. Also, you should probably follow me on Pinterest, as I’m sure I’ll be pinning lots of mama- and baby-related images there, too!

Thank you all for your love and support!

P.S. – JB chastised me for not including the dog when counting the members of our family, which would make his version of the post title, “And baby makes 5!” Sorry, Briscoe.

(Top photo taken at 15 weeks, ultrasound taken at 12 weeks)



Let’s Discuss

  1. Joy

    Oh wow!!! Congratulations, PJ! What exciting news. I can’t wait to hear about all your preparations — live and in person in a couple of weeks. Yippee! xo

  2. Adrienne K

    congrats PJ all the best! I am anxious to see how you handle it. It seems like we’re similar in the aspect that we don’t love pregnancy, etc. and I am terrified to do it all over again considering H still isn’t the best sleeper. Granted he is only 17 months old and I am in no rush but it’s still something that worries me. I know you will tell it like it is!

    • PJ

      Thanks! So are you anxious to be pregnant because you still have to get with your son or because you’re worried baby #2 will also have trouble sleeping?

      • Adrienne

        1. I am not ready for #2 yet. Nope. Nope. I am pretty content with one. Easier to budget, easier to travel, cheaper to travel, less diapers to buy, no formula (H cost us an arm and a leg), plus we don’t REALLY have room in our house.. we do have one more bedroom but then we will lose an office/guest room and have no extra space.
        2. yes, i am terrified i will have a non sleeping toddler and non sleeping infant. and i will be a basket case.

        so, we’ll see if the time comes for 2.

  3. Allison

    Mazel Tov!!!!! So exciting. It’s amazing to see your older child meet your younger child for the first time. Will you be finding out what you’re having?

    • PJ

      Thanks! I’m 99% sure we’ll find out what we’re having, but a teeny tiny part of me thinks it would be exciting to wait until delivery. What did you do?

      • Allison

        We found out both times, but knew we were going to have boys….32/34 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren on my husband’s side are boys. It’s crazy. Part of me thinks a surprise would be fun, but I personally just couldn’t wait!

  4. Julia

    Yay!! What wonderful news- I was kind of wondering when you were writing about pregnancy related topics a few weeks (months?) ago. All the best!!

  5. April

    Congratulations! 😀 Happy and healthy thoughts for you throughout your pregnancy. Looking forward to reading your second-time mommy posts. Cheers!

  6. Lynn

    Mazel tov!! What exciting news! The newborn days with an older brother to look after are a totally different experience. Before for you know it, you’ll look over to the little one sitting on the kitchen floor smiling up at you and wonder where on earth time went! I’m so thrilled for you all!

    • PJ

      Thank you! I look at Levi’s head full curls now and wonder where the time went! I really can’t imagine having two, though… I guess I’ll find out soon enough!


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