A weekend at home

toddler boy smiling

dyeing easter eggs

dyeing easter eggs

toddler wearing babylegs leg warmers

toddler wearing vest outside

My parents were in town this past weekend, and we had every intention of making it an activity-filled visit. Walking around the zoo, catching a minor league baseball game, and playing at the Children’s Museum were on our hypothetical list of things to do. I was also looking forward to taking advantage of free babysitters and going to get a pedicure or seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel with JB.

But then poor Levi woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday from a diarrhea-induced diaper explosion that left him, his pajamas, and his bedding covered in poop. Then, as I was tucking him into bed at the end of the day, he stood up and vomited all over me. While I jumped into the shower to wash my hair, his sheets went into the washing machine once again.

I’m not sure if what happened was more traumatic for Levi or for me.

So we spent the weekend at home, giving Levi multiple oatmeal baths and letting him go diaper-free to air out the painful rash on his bottom. We also dyed Easter eggs and (finally!) watched Frozen while Levi snacked on crackers and Pedialyte.

Of course I wish that Levi hadn’t been sick while my parents were here, but I have to say, JB and I were happy to have two extra set of hands to help out with the kids. We can always visit the zoo the next time they’re in Omaha, and maybe I can find some time to get that much-needed pedicure one night this week.

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